60th Birthday Poems

60th Birthday Poems: A sixtieth birthday is an important and treasured milestone of life. It is the time to look back at beautiful memories that have flown by. Whether it is your dad, mom, boss, colleague, grandpa or grandma – congratulate them for turning sixty. Create a beautiful photo journey with a collection of old photographs. Place a mix of sweet messages and funny quotes on each picture and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. If you want to go the traditional route with a gift and some fanfare, accompany it with a cute poem written on a greeting card. Let your wishes add a touch of elegance and grace to someone’s special day.

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1) There is charm and grace

In a few wrinkles on the face

There is poise and elegance

In having so much experience

There is wisdom and respect

In living a li…

Retirement Poems for Colleagues and Co-workers

Retirement Poems for Colleagues and Co-workers: It’s always sad to see co-workers retire and leave. Retirement is the perfect occasion to put an end to a professional relationship and start a genuine lifelong friendship. Send your congratulatory wishes through a small note and a bunch of flowers. Bid adieu by leaving a message on Facebook and personalizing it with a sweet goodbye poem. If your colleague also happens to be your good friend, prepare a beautiful speech and touch upon a few funny anecdotes and special memories that you’ve shared with each other. Include a quote or a heartfelt farewell message at the end of your speech. If your team is throwing a party, go the extra mile and decorate the office with ‘We Will Miss You’ banners and posters. Leave your colleague with mixed feelings – being sad about ending a career on a high and looking forward to a relaxing life ahead.

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